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One Young World: Tomorrow’s Leaders Changing the World Today

92 percent of global respondents to Euro RSCG's 2010 Millennials study think the world needs to be changed.

82 percent believe their generation has the power to bring about that change.

It’s easy to talk in general terms about youth being “the future” or the “promise of tomorrow.” David Jones, global CEO of Havas and Euro RSCG Worldwide, and Kate Robertson, U.K. group chairman of Euro RSCG, decided that rather than just talk about it they would devise a creative strategy to activate that potential today. The result: One Young World (OYW), an annual global forum that organizes and empowers the next generation of leaders to shape a better future. Each year, hundreds of young people (born in 1985 or later) are nominated by leaders in business, government, and the nonprofit sector to attend a multiday summit in a world capital. Delegates are selected on the basis of their record of community involvement, commitment to solving global issues, and leadership skills.

In February 2010, the OYW Inaugural Summit was held in London, bringing together nearly 850 of the best and brightest young leaders from 112 countries. At this first summit, the delegates focused on creating solutions in the six areas they identified as most vital: the environment, interfaith dialogue, the role of global business, developing global leadership, the media and its changing influence, and world health. The young delegates attended presentations and workshops on these topics led by highly esteemed and accomplished counselors from around the globe, including such luminaries as Nobel Peace Prize winners Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan, and Muhammad Yunus, musician-activist Bob Geldof, and U.S. Senator John Kerry. Once back home, they began work on Ambassador Projects they had devised to address the six vital areas of impact. Babatunde Ogunlola, a delegate from Nigeria, for instance, has created One Young World Nigeria, the first program in that country dedicated to training high school prefects in leadership. In Venezuela, OYW delegates Jorge Isaac Casado and Jet Vargas work with nonprofit NGO Vitalis to promote environmental conservation and sustainable development through education. In the Philippines, Karl Molina is working to combat malnutrition among preschool students through education, supplementary medical and food-assistance services, and by promoting backyard and school gardens to increase household consumption of highly nutritious foods.

One Young World is but one example of how Euro RSCG’s Creative Business Idea principle and tools can be applied to larger causes. The global forum has already attracted the support of nearly 200 global brands, including Hewlett Packard, GE, Burt’s Bees, Starbucks, and Nike. These companies sponsor delegates, paying for their travel and accommodations. The program offers yet another way for businesses to contribute to finding solutions to pressing local and global issues.

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